Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cut it Out.

"I'm going to cut out sugar."

"I'm trying to cut out wine."

"I'm cutting carbs."

I heard some of these phrases in a conversation between two of my female coworkers today, and it made me sad. I have been guilty of similar behavior, and that also makes me sad.

Why are we trying to cut up our lives?

Why must items be erased from them, especially when those items are not necessarily harmful?
(in fairness, if you suffer from alcoholism, you probably shouldn't drink but you know what I'm saying)

One of the coworkers is one of the thinnest on the hall. She is almost militant about her food intake during the day yet constantly mentions how she still needs to lose 5 pounds. Why is this so important to her? The possible answers, of course, are endless.

Do you know what I would like to cut out?

The obsession.
The counting.
The restriction.
The self-loathing.
The misery.

Instead of cutting things out, can't we add?


I know, some days, it seems easier to subtract than to add. But maybe if we add, we won't need to take anything away from ourselves. We can

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