Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking care.

Today is another day of not feeling well.
Too much caffeine, not enough simple carbs.
Excess anxiety.
Not enough pampering.

I noticed this especially while in the ladies' room with a coworker. She is a very nice girl and always looks very put together, fresh, and bright. Her outfits are pretty and pressed, her hair done neatly.

I, on the other hand. Ill-fitting jeans (I can't bring myself to buy more), chipped nail polish, dirty hair sloppily thrown on my head. It made me sad to see the contrast.

Yes, I have a busy life and a toddler. Yes, my time to pamper is limited. But, seriously? I couldn't even be bothered to throw together a decent lunch. I even managed to pack a moldy muffin in my lunch bag. Sad.

There is a feeling of guilt about spending time on myself. Eating has always been my comfort so it seems foreign and decadent to spend my time in other ways. Overeating is not pampering though. Polished nails and styled hair is.

Here's to a better lunch and better manicure tomorrow. I'll update!


  1. I can relate to where you're coming from. I had a horrible time last night. My e-mail account was hacked. I stayed up late repairing the damage. There's work that I ought to be doing. I'm self-employed, so I really ought to work. The thought of not doing so makes me panicky. This morning I feel panicky and edgy and just not good enough. So I'm forcing myself to act against the grain - today I'm just going to stop and spend some badly needed time to nourish myself. The world can wait for me for a change.

  2. Good for you Annie. I think it's really important to realize when we need to stop and take care of ourselves and not just "do".