Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's really not about the food.

Today, I had a realization about an aspect of my life.* It has not been going well and the stress came to a head today. This afternoon, I made a decision to start moving forward from it and made actions to do so. I also ended up having a soda and candy bar (wanted the pick me up and craving chocolate) for the first time in days (restricting again, yay). And all I experience is peace.

Sure, Edie is in the background a tad, whispering about my fat belly and how I'll fail again. But really, I realize so much of my pain and stress is not about the food. I just mask other things with it and then blame my continued discomfort on the overeating. What a concept, deal with my problems and feel better! I had no emotional connection to my snack, just a satisfaction and enjoyment. And I felt relief at having addressed a significant life stress.

*please excuse the vagueness. I don't want to reveal anything until I feel it's safe to do so. It doesn't have to do with my personal life though. :)

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