Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Dieting

I have a confession to make.

I bought Weight Watchers materials online. (I'm too cheap to actually sign up so just ordered a set of their materials on Ebay.)

I was tired of being "fat". I wanted to lose weight (still kinda do). I wanted an "easy solution".

To be entirely honest, it has been a little helpful. It has helped me curb some mindless eating and has made me really look at my emotional eating triggers instead of hopping right into the eating part.


I'm hungry.

Also, carbs seem to be somewhat of a no-no. Foods are given different values, which of course is hugely ED triggering.

It has also made me remember something really important: it's not about the food. Food is a symptom of deeper emotional issues for me. I overeat to numb out. I believe that if the emotional issues are resolved, the food issue will also resolve (at least for me).

Also, eating should be a natural thing. Some days (like today), I am hungrier than others. Some days, I may be less hungry. It should be a natural balance, not something of weighing and measuring and I shouldn't feel bad about what I eat. Ever.

So, did I really waste $50? I am wondering if it was worth the lesson learned.

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