Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Consequences of Dieting.

Disclaimer: this is all my personal opinion. I am not a doctor and this post is based on personal experience only.

I have a lot of odd little medical conditions.

Irritable bowel. Heart murmur. Hypoglycemia. Hiatal hernia. I had Gestational Diabetes while pregnant.

Sometimes, I wonder whether a lot of these could be attributed to years of dieting and disordered eating.

My mother, who dieted most of her life, has severe osteporosis and degenerative back problems. She also suffers from almost every single condition I listed for myself.

It really makes me sad to think I could have damaged my body in this way. Even worse is the thought of still wanting to alter my eating habits despite any potential consequences. I'm really afraid to end up like my mom who, at almost 60, still restricts her eating (although she'll tell you she eats "healthy") and is in almost constant back pain.

It's tragic how much we abuse our bodies in the name of thinness.

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