Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ideal Eating Disorder Recovery Vision Exercise

The above title is directly from the Help for Eating Disorder web site.

The article discusses creating an Ideal Vision of your eating disorder recovery.

Here is the exercise:
  • What does it feel like?

  • What are you doing?

  • What are you telling people?

  • Are you maybe helping others?

  • You are supposed to answer them in the present tense, as if these things are happening right now. Kind of inspiring and motivating! Ok, here we go:

    What does it feel like?
    I feel great, confident, and comfortable in my body. I feel at peace and less anxious. I feel like I have succeeded.
    What are you doing?
    I am eating intuitively and mindfully. I am moving my body is a loving way. I am taking pride in my appearance and being considerate to my body, taking time to acknowledge and appreciate the things it does and can do regularly.
    What are you telling people?
    I am NOT talking about weight loss, dieting, concerns about my weight, or "feeling fat". I am talking about the joy of food, exercise and other more important life matters. My interactions are more genuine and less distracted.
    Are you maybe helping others?
    Yes! I am stopping diet talk and negative body talk. I am offering suggestions for healthier body image and discussing HAES and intuitive eating. I am also helping others by my improve attitude and providing more positive interactions with them.

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