Thursday, December 27, 2012

Loving myself in the new year.

Most days, I have a hard time loving myself. I do many things that are the opposite of self-love:

  • eating or drinking things I know make me feel ill
  • eating in secret
  • eating emotionally
  • eating things I know are emotionally triggering
  • not moving my body
  • settling for "good enough" too often
  • living in fear of what "could be"
  • living mindlessly and in distraction
  • berating myself constantly
  • worry about what I can't control
I want to set myself up for a more positive, loving year. In 2013, I hope to:

  • eat mindfully (Mindful Eating Marathon, here I come!)
  • move my body more
  • be gentle with myself
  • sit with and honor my feelings instead of running from them
I am not one for resolutions but I think it's good to plan ahead a bit, especially when it comes to taking good care of myself!

1 comment:

  1. I'm in a similar place too. And using IE as my mode for making peace with food this year.