Friday, March 30, 2012

Enjoying Food.

I am making a concerted effort to eat thing I LIKE.

What a concept!

I have always loved food. I like to eat, I snack a lot, and I get excited about food. While I love sweets especially, I can appreciate and crave all kinds of food.

For example, I had a chicken salad for breakfast this morning. And it was good.

I think we don't take enough time to appreciate our food. Often, we are afraid of it: afraid of the calories/carbs/fats/blah blah blah. We are afraid of what people will think (when we eat salad for breakfast).

We need to let it go.

Try to make a concerted effort to pay attention (mindfulness, yay!) when you are eating today.
Does your food taste good?
Does it make you happy?
Was that a yummy noise I heard?
Did you just do the happy food dance?
(yes, I have been known to do the last two)

It makes me happy when my food makes me happy. I know I am nourishing my body and my spirit and feeling no guilt. Don't get me wrong, food happiness is NOT just for salad (it better not be!).

I plan to do a happy food dance with my peanut butter cup after lunch. :)

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