Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Journal Entry

I am going to try really hard to listen to my mind and body today be gentle with myself today and not worry too much about my food choices. I am going to eat what sounds good, eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm full. I am also going to try and make it to the gym this afternoon, time permitting.

Breakfast (9:30am)
I packed plain yogurt with mixed berry preserves stirred in. Ehh. I hadn't tried this before and plain yogurt has a cheesy taste to it. I think I am so used to sweetened yogurt, it's a shift. About halfway through my sugar felt like it was rising so I added in some almonds for protein. This added a nice crunch and helped balance the cheesy flavor. I also had a cup of green tea. I am loving green tea in the morning, very refreshing!

Lunch (12:45pm)
Salad with ranch dressing and a turkey sandwich on dark rye. This was a really good lunch! I felt like I was eating a lot but I continued to eat until I felt full (and it was all gone). I also had a Pepsi after lunch to help perk me up!

I went to the gym around 2:45. I did a quick warmup on the treadmill (the machine sounded wonky so I didn't want to try running!) and then did a brief elliptical workout. It was a little hard (still healing from my respiratory virus) but felt good!

Snack (3:55pm)
I was just thinking that I really wanted some fruit and then remembered I had some green grapes! I was unreasonably excited about this. Also having my string cheese stick for a little protein/fat. Within about 10 minutes, however, I knew this was not sufficient (empty tummy feeling) so threw in a high-protein granola bar for good measure. I'll probably continue intermittently snacking on my grapes as well and sipping on the Pepsi from earlier. I also snuck in 2 mini-chocolate bars. Surprisingly, I still felt "tummy-empty", like I needed something with some fat it in. I am going to try and sit tight and see if it passes once my sugar levels rise a little.

Dinner (7:30pm)
I did make it until dinner! I know one tough part of the later afternoon is boredom so I have to keep that in check. Dinner was fairly simple: kielbasa and cabbage with a bit of mashed potatoes. I wasn't terribly full but I figured I'd have a snack later

Snacks (9:00pm)
I had a small bowl of ice cream that I shared with the little one. I also ended up having a package of snack cakes, after which I felt really agitated and guilty. I am going to put my reactions to this in a follow-up post because I don't want them to get lost.

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