Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Journal Entry

With everything going on lately, I realized I hadn't done an IE journal entry in a while. This has been a bit of a struggle lately, with a lot of emotional stress/trying not to emotionally eat, and feeling physically unwell.

Breakfast (9:30)
Really craving a sweet coffee drink this morning. Rationally, I know these make my sugar levels go a little high but feeling the need for the pick me up this morning because of my head cold. I stop and get a vanilla cappucino on the way to work. Definitely a little on the sweet side. This is a good example of my emotions winning out over my rational mind and knowing what may actually be better for me versus what my mind thinks it wants.
I also had a trail mix granola bar and a few grapes for my meal. Not the greatest breakfast but I have been struggling with breakfast for a while. I need to get more protein in but am unsure how to do this without having eggs. I need to get more creative!

Snack (11:30)
Eating the rest of my grapes. I forgot how much I like them, although I try to be careful not to eat too many (tummyache central)! I also grabbed a string cheese for a little protein. Yum!

Lunch (1:00)
Starving! I have leftover steak and potatoes. Eat it fairly mechanically because I'm hungry and busy at work (no lunch break for me today). Still hungry and feeling a little woozy so have a few cookies from the work stash and open my Pepsi. Feel better within a few minutes. I think it may be related to the Dayquil I'm taking.

Snack (4pm)
Decide on an apple but 1/3 of the way through, realize it's nasty. No taste! Bleh. Feeling disappointed because I really wanted some fruit!
Around 4:45 I got desperate and rummage in my lunch bag. I find a handful of baby carrots and dried cranberries to munch on to help with the fruit cravings.

Dinner (7:45pm)
Pasta salad, very yummy!

Dessert (8:45pm)
My mother-in-law made a cheese-honey pie thing. It was, ehhh. I ate about 2/3 of my piece with a small glass of milk, mainly because I was still hungry! I had a mini-chocolate to finish the day.

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