Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back from the great beyond.


Here I am again.

I've been a little busy (and maybe a tad avoidant). Sometimes, this blog is like looking in a magnifying mirror and I haven't been in a place where I've wanted to peer in lately.

I'll give the quick rundown of all that's been going on and then dive back in!

  • On a sad note, we had to put down my 17-year-old dog. Obviously, he's ancient and was in pain and was starting to lash out at family members. We had him cremated and I have his little remains box on my dresser. I am still grieving but it was the right decision.
  • On a much happier note, I bought a house! It was a tough process and the closing was a nightmare but it's done and we are (still) in the process of moving in.
  • Back down the rollercoaster, there are some organizational changes at work that may affect my position. It's all very up in the air and extremely stressful. I am doing my best to do what I can and just make peace with it until I know more.
A short list but heavy enough! Stay tuned for an IE post.

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