Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eating freely: an update

I have continued my little "experiment" over the last several days. Yesterday was a particularly stressful day and I had what I like to call a mini-binge. It started in the afternoon and continued a little bit after dinner. I was having some pretty strong feelings of guilt at first but, as I reached into a box of candy, I thought to myself, I am eating my feelings.


I also thought, This is no fun.

I realized that I wasn't even enjoying the food I was eating. I was eating to help fill an abstract need and numb out uncomfortable feelings. I then sat down and told my husband about my feelings and talked it out. I felt silly because I hate talking about my emotions but I actually felt better (if a bit tired) afterwards.

Allowing my emotions to rule my eating actually ended up helping me realize that my emotions need more than food.

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