Friday, August 10, 2012

Normalizing food.


I have written two other blog posts, one of which I already deleted. They were about a perceived need to eliminate food groups in my diet and had a restrictive tone when I reviewed them. I then read a great article by the lovely Katie Paul about one of the more ignored aspects of IE: allowing yourself to eat freely and without judgement. The quote by Geneen Roth was especially compelling to me. I do have this fear that if I let myself eat whatever, whenever, I will eat cake and ice cream all day, every day until I am as big as a house (to be dramatic).

Unfortunately, the only way over this difficulty is through it. Otherwise the binge/restrict cycle continues. This makes sense to me but is utterly terrifying. I'll get fat! I won't stop eating sweets! I'll never be better!

Speaking of dramatic.

It's funny how scary it seems to let myself be and really trust my body. I do understand that Edie will probably want to go on a little spree, but I need to let her. I need to let her understand that eating is okay, whatever the food, whenever the time. Eating when I'm not even hungry is okay too. No food is forbidden. Eventually, she will calm down (and probably get sick of cake). If she still wants it though, that's okay too. I may do a post on a day of "freedom". I expect it may be a little disturbing or embarrassing but I am going to go with it and explore the relevant emotions.

How do you deal with eating fears?

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