Monday, October 1, 2012

Food Observations

Lately, I have been making mental notes about how certain foods affect my mood and physical state. It's funny because at first, it seemed to develop without my even being aware I was doing it. Here are a few examples:

Coffee: makes me feel edgy and agitated. Definitely too much caffeine!
Tea: just enough caffeine. If i had a little milk and sugar, it feels indulgent.
Ice cream: seems to trigger further sweet cravings. When I have it after dinner, I then end up having more than one sweet snack. It also isn't filling.
Baked beans: love the taste of them but always end up with stomach discomfort.

The interesting thing is that, while I am acknowledging the negative impact of some things I am consuming, that isn't stopping me from doing so. I think, really, I'm just not ready. I think intuitive eating is a process, and not a quick one. I am just now starting to be more observant and objective. I don't want to rush things and trigger dieting behavior (again) but allow myself to explore things thoroughly and patiently.

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