Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Positive Thinking update

So....not totally successful. I definitely had some unkind words (said to myself) for a few folks on a conference call who forgot to mute themselves or were rude to the presenter. I did notice what I said and tried to think about why it was and then gave myself a bit of a break about it. Sometimes, people will annoy you!

I had one self-talk incident: at the mall. There's a surprise. I was trying on clothes and needed a bigger size and was unhappy about the way my belly looked in some shirts. I immediately felt my mental train going down the tracks of "well, when I lose some weight" and feeling kind of panicky. I tried to check in and stop the negative train but it was tough. I tried to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings and simply move forward from them. I'll continue to think about them and ways to combat them.

Interestingly, Day 5 in Rosie's book is still about positive self-talk and self-affirmations. I think I need some more practice!

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