Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Who goes there? It's your triggers talking.

HALT is a phrase that is commonly used in substance abuse recovery. However, I think it applies very well to disordered eating and checking in with ourselves. Here's what it means:

H: Hungry. Are you legitimately hungry? This is a good first check in because, if you're not, think about what else is going on.

A: Angry. Are you upset or emotional about something? Are you at risk of emotional eating? What do you need right now?

L: Lonely. Very similar to Angry I think. Loneliness is a really bad trigger for me to comfort eat.

T: Tired. I know when I am tired, I eat more unconsciously, I think in an attempt to perk myself up. I think another "T" can be Thirsty. Being well-hydrated definitely can help curb the munchies and make me feel better.

I think HALT applies well to Intuitive Eating and I plan to utilize it much more often to check in with my body to make sure I'm meeting its real needs.

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