Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apples and Oranges.

Hmm, now I want some fruit salad!
Just kidding. This post is actually about comparing yourself to other people.

I went to the company gym this afternoon. There were, of course, lots of extra people since it's the new year. Two women in particular stuck out to me. They were walking on the treadmill when I arrived and finished about the same time I did. We were cooling down near each other and I overheard bit of their conversation which was primarily about sports and exercise. They were both of a very athletic build.

I immediately became very self-conscious. I imagined the thoughts they were having about the mildly overweight, out-of-shape girl acting like she knows how to exercise. Keep in mind, they didn't look at me once and continued their conversation like I wasn't there. I couldn't help comparing my body to theirs, very muscular with flat, muscular stomachs and no apparent cellulite. Those typical naturally pretty athletic girls. I had a hard time not disliking them, which is ridiculous since I don't even know them! They are probably perfectly nice.

I will never look like them. I have a naturally soft figure, curvy hips and a feminine behind. I like my figure but I still get insecure when I see very fit women, especially since I think I need to lose some weight. I think, really, this is unfair to both of us. I am comparing myself to an unrealistic image and am judging and assuming negative things about someone else.

What would be a good strategy to combat this? I certainly could have struck up a friendly conversation or I could have ignored them and focused on enjoying my own workout. Either would have saved me a good deal of emotional distress!

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