Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What IE is not, and a challenge.

Read this great post by Christie Inge for a good explanation on what Intuitive Eating isn't.

I definitely struggle with the line between just eating whatever and being more intuitive. I think, after years of dieting, you develop this all-or-nothing mentality; either you are dieting or you are eating whatever, whenever. This obviously is not intuitive. As I have mentioned previously, this is especially difficult for me when it comes to sweet treats. I have a strong emotional attachment to them and don't always eat them in an intuitive manner.

Example: last night after dinner, I sat down to have some Oreos and milk. I had eaten probably 6-8 before I realized it and barely even tasted them. NOT intuitive.


I am issuing myself a challenge. I am going to keep it modest so as to not overwhelm myself.

24 hours with no sweets. I am hoping to go longer than this but I know discomfort will set in by this afternoon. I will do a journal entry to keep track of my day and really see where my feelings are, how much I am masking them with food, and really dig into the stress reactions I get when I choose not to eat sweets.

Here goes nothing...

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