Saturday, January 7, 2012

Worse things

Last night, I had several desserts. I was doing the typical, oh, this will be the last day I have snacks, none tomorrow. Might as well enjoy! I was thinking also that no one would notice (lovely eating in secret behavior). I was wrong. This is conversation between me and my mother-in-law:

MIL: Oh, having Oreos?
Me: Yep.
MIL: Yum! Okay, going to do the dishes. (doing dishes) Oh, did you have ice cream too?
Me: (cringe)...yep.
MIL: Okay.
Me: Yeah. Worse things have happened.

My MIL couldn't care less that I had two desserts. She knows about my history and is very supportive.

My last statement totally struck me. Wow, there are worse things than eating two desserts. Lots of things. And it's not a big deal to eat one dessert, two, or none. It's just eating and it's just food. Worse things can happen.

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