Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journal Entry and Sweet Challenge Update

First, the update!

As much as the disordered part of my mind wants to continue, I am putting a stop to the Sweets Challenge. It is an exercise in restriction for me and I have found myself going down a bad path. I admitted to myself that I really was doing the "challenge" in an effort to cut out "bad" foods and hopefully lose some weight.


So, going forward, my plan is to put less emphasis on exactly what I am eating and try to be more laid back about my choices. My journal entries will be a little less structured to help relax my obsessive tendencies. Let me know any thoughts on the change in structure.

Overnight oatmeal w/peanut butter

Fruit and nut granola bar
Still drinking my Pepsi. I love to sip on drinks throughout the day.

Leftover breaded chicken thighs with cheese ravioli and spaghetti sauce. Yum!
Oh, and the Pepsi is still in action. :)  I also have been drinking water. I have always been a big drinker. Not like that!

Anniversary party at work. I had a piece of cake and a snack-size bag of chips. Ehh. This is one of those moments where you eat the food that is there but I really wasn't into it. Ironic, since cake is one of my favorite things.*

Second Snack (this reminded me of the Hobbits in LOTR)
Trail mix. Obviously cake and chips are not the most filling snack.

Late afternoon snack
It's about 5pm and I won't eat dinner for at least 2-3 more hours. I try not to snack mindlessly at work but grab a cheese stick to tide over the creeping hunger until I can have dinner.**

Kielbasa, baked beans and seasoned steak fries. Dinner is probably my least favorite meal because it's a chaotic time of day and I'm tired. I have taken to eating fairly small servings and sometimes have an evening snack. This evening, I wasn't hungry and this was my last food of the day!

*I almost wrote, "Cake is one of my weaknesses." But that is an absurd statement. Cake is not part of me. It does not make me weak.
**I feel like I just made a bunch of excuses for my need to eat a CHEESE STICK. Really? Really?

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