Monday, January 23, 2012

Journal Entry: lower sugar/simple carbs

Here's my first day of eating less processed sugar and simple carbs.

Tea with cream and a touch of sugar. I have recently discovered this vs. my straight black tea. I love it and it feels so indulgent!
2 hard boiled eggs with salsa and salt. This was an odd one for me. I enjoyed it but am really used to a carb-heavy breakfast. I felt pretty good after eating it though and it kept me full for about 2 hours (my average)

Morning snack
Cheese stick and apple. This is an average snack for me any day. Very enjoyable!

Lunch was sad. I had some leftover cubesteak and corn planned but for some reason it tasted funny (like the container maybe?) I had about 3 bites and threw it out.

Another cup of tea for an afternoon perk
Obviously, I am still pretty hungry. I had a pack of wheat crackers with cheese which weren't great. I also had a Cutie orange which was awesome. I am still a little hungry but want to wait a little while to see how I feel.

Later snack
I work later in the evening so get fairly hungry around 4-5. Decide on some trail mix (my last snack left anyway!).

Chicken and potatoes. Fairly basic as usual!

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