Monday, February 6, 2012

Does it count as a relapse?

I had a tough weekend.

The baby was firing on all cylinders and just all over the place. While she was happy, this made for a tired mommy!

My mother-in-law's dog ran away Saturday afternoon (he hasn't come back at this point and we don't think he will). This was the absolute last thing she needed so Saturday night was really stressful.

I offered to take her to her favorite ice cream place for a happy distraction and she agreed.

Obviously, I ate some ice cream.

I don't really think I did it for me; I wasn't even that interested in it. But I still ate something on the no-eat list, so to speak. I actually don't feel guilt about it either.

Was this a relapse or am I showing progress?


1 comment:

  1. it seems to me you have some very strict rules. you like to put things in labeled boxes. sometimes eating ice cream feels good, and it's ok. we're all on a journey; relapse/lapse/mistake...breathe and just move forward. what would it mean to let go of labels?