Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Journal Entry: Official "Meal Plan"

I got my "MP" ("meal plan") from my trainer. While he wants me to follow it to the letter, well, he can bite me. I am doing a loose version of it (see: fast food dinner last night) and going to see how I feel. Here goes! Please note that I will continue to note post the specific guidelines of it but just the idea of what it suggests, what I actually eat, and the outcome. I am also going to post times since it's a different eating routine.

Breakfast (9:45am)
Recommended includes whole wheat English muffin, fruit, and almond milk (blergh. I hate almond milk). I actually ate the English muffin with peanut butter and half a sliced banana with a cup of tea with cream and sugar.

Morning snack (11:15am)
This is kind of a new one for me. I usually would just eat lunch but a morning snack is called for. Recommended is almonds, yogurt, and peanut butter. I have Greek yogurt with caramel in it and the almonds. I am not a big fan of almonds but am trying to be a good sport about the whole thing. IE would tell me not to eat things I don't like. We'll see. My yogurt is also smaller than what's recommended but I figure the higher protein + topping may even out. I am also missing the PB. I did not really enjoy this snack, primarily because of the almonds. I think they are one of those "diet trigger foods" for me.

Feeling undercaffeinated, I ran out to Starbucks for a vanilla latte. I wanted to stop on the way in but didn't, thinking I "shouldn't". Also, I didn't get what I really wanted, which was a mocha. Not terribly enjoying the latte now. Hm. Way to NOT listen!

Lunch (1:45pm)
Hmm, I am beginning to feel anxious as the day wears on. The idea of eating prescribed items is stressing me out and I am feeling resentful. I think really, it can be good to try and figure out what to eat that keeps me full and energized but I may be sabotaging my own mental health by even remotely trying to follow a "plan". Recommended lunch is a turkey sandwich, cottage cheese, and an orange. I have everything but grapefruit instead of an orange. I have been craving grapefruit even though I never eat it! 1 point for IE. This was a satisfying, filling lunch, although I think my grapefruit craving may now be over (little too bitter for my taste).

Snack (4:30pm)
Protein bar. Not my favorite food but gets the job done in the extra protein department. I also decided to have a few dried apricots (not on the "plan") and then felt satisfied.

Dinner (8:30)
Recommended is chicken and veggies, which by chance was what was planned. Perfect dinner!

Had a leftover frosty with brownie bits. Obviously not on "plan" but yummy nonetheless.

I never had a hungry moment when it wasn't mealtime and felt good after every meal. I will try and continue this eating pattern and see how it goes. Will keep you updated!

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